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What is Viesti?

Working in the field of communications? Or studying communications? We are a trade union representing communications professionals and students in Finland. We warmly welcome you to join us!

Communications as a profession

Communications is a specialist job requiring expertise, training and knowledge. When you work in communications you are called on for the know how of publicity, content producing and public management. Main tasks include: media communications, work community communications, internal communications, marketing communications, building reputation and brand, content producing, social media managing and communication training within organizations.

Communications professionals work in companies, public and private sectors, organizations, learning institutions and congregations. Many people work also as a communications entrepreneurers, practioners and freelancers. Most common job titles in Viesti are publicist and head of communications.

Viesti – The Union of Communications Professionals

Viesti is a trade union for people who work in the field of communications in Finland. We are a community of professionals and represent the interests of communications specialists. Our members work in different professions, such as communications, marketing, editing and project management.

Viesti’s main objective is to ensure a good working life, successful careers and fair salaries for its members. We provide individual help in everyday working life and all its turning points and conflicts. Viesti provides its members with training and education, mentoring, company visits and networking. Viesti is the only trade union representing solely communications professionals and students in Finland. We oversee cohesiveness and valuation amongst our members.

Together with our federations, Akava and Akava Special Branches, the Trade Union’s objective is to raise awareness of and increase appreciation of communications professionals.

Mission and values

We work to ensure that communication and communication professionals are valued in Finland. We help communication professionals to maintain their professional competence and to get to know  one another. On every step, our values guide our way and those are: community, topicality, influence.

Guides for employment

Need help defining salary ranges or learning about terms and conditions of employment? Take a look at our guide books!

Services and benefits

You can see the whole benefit list in Akava Special Branche’s websites.

Unemployment benefit

As a salaried member, the Unemployment Fund for Higher Educated Employees Erko manages your unemployment benefit. You may be entitled to earnings-related unemployment allowance, job alternation compensation or other Fund Benefits. The Fund’s Membership Fee is included in the Union’s Membership Fee.

Entrepreneur and indepedent professional members must make sure of joining the Unemployment Fund for Entrepreneurs and the Self-Employed AYT.

Viesti’s board

Our board accounts for Viesti’s operations. The board consist of: chairperson, six members and three debuty members. We also have two student members. The aim with the board is to represent our members widely from different sectors and contract areas. Board members also work in different working committees, for example in service design committees. We have members in Akava Special Branches’ organs too. You can conctact our board at: and our chairwoman at


You can join our union already while you are studying. By becoming our student member you are allowed to participate in our educational and other events. You are also entitled to all membership benefits.

Joining us as a student you can start to accumulate your earnings-related unemployment benefit. This is also a great opportunity to get to know areas of working life and smoothen the transition from student life to working life.

Are you doing an internship in communications? See our minimum wage recommendations below.

Communication’s trainee’s minimum wages recommendations for students

Contact information:

Viesti’s office

Phone: +358 41 317 2891
(Monday – Thursday 10 am – 3 pm)
Visiting address:
Snellmaninkatu 19–21 F 13
00170 Helsinki


Siina Repo, Executive director
Phone: +358 40 485 0008
Twitter: @SiinaRepo
LinkedIn: Siina Repo

Support for your career and wellbeing

Career services appointment

Membership fee and other services

If you want to change your own information, you can log in to online service. You can also send information about the changes by e-mail to Akava Special Branche’s member secretarie’s or call them 0800 135 370 (on weekdays from 9am–2pm).

Employment counselling

Public sector’s employment counselling
0800 135 380
Private sector’s employment counselling
0800 135 350
Service hours on weekdays from 9am – 2pm

Inquiries about salaries: or
+358 40 485 0008
Earnings-related unemployment benefit: Erko